Sawtooth Mountain Range

June 6, 2002. Finally after 6 months of anticipation the day is here. My friend Richard and I have been planning a four day backpacking “expedition” into the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Our plan was to backpack to Snow Lake the first day, Burro Pass the second day and spend a day doing day hikes from there. If conditions were permitting, an exit over Matterhorn Peak was in order, if not, a marathon hike fifteen miles back to the car. We were ready!

I pulled up to Richard’s house Thursday evening. The temperature light on my car just turns on as his house comes into view. A preview of things to come? We make it to the campground that night without anymore problems. We did have the heater on occasionally, to help cool the car down, but we made it.

We got our Wilderness Permit the night before so, after driving from the campground to Mono Village at the west end of Twin Lakes and paying $5 to park the car, we took off down the Barney Lake Trail for 4 days of adventure.

If we only knew how much of an adventure we were to have…

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