Mount Dana

Overall the trip went well. This was the first time I had hiked above 10,000′. Since I arrived that morning, I had no time to acclimatize to the altitude at Tioga Pass (almost 10,000′). I had only experienced minor fatigue on the way up and a headache by the time I returned to the car.

Be sure to bring a jacket, pants, hat and possibly gloves because the temperatures at the summit can be much different than at the trail head. It can get very windy at the top, in fact there are rock enclosures built up there to shelter you from the wind. Also be sure to bring plenty of water, as there is none past the small lakes at the beginning of the trail. One of the best ways to keep from getting altitude sickness is to stay hydrated.

Most of all take your time and enjoy the breathtaking (literally) views! Until next time…

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